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Laser Hair Removal

Want smooth, hair-free skin? Tired of constantly shaving, waxing and plucking? Laser hair removal at Fancy Beauty offers a long-lasting solution. Our advanced lasers safely remove hair for all skin types. Treatments are quick and comfortable.

Our experts use the latest technology to remove your unwanted hair. No more irritation from shaving or stubble! Laser hair removal saves you time and money on temporary methods.

You’ll love showing off your smooth skin all year round. No more itchy stubble or embarrassing hair growth! Laser removal helps boost confidence.

Take the first step to hair-free confidence today. Schedule a free consultation to learn more. Our friendly staff is happy to answer your questions. Let us help you say goodbye to unwanted hair for good!

Laser Hair Removal

Injectables & Dermal Fillers

Want to look younger? Our experts at Fancy Beauty offer injectables and fillers. These non-surgical treatments can make you look more rested and youthful.

Botox and Dysport relax lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth and forehead. Filler products like Juviderm and Voluma plump lips, cheeks and temples. Results look smooth and natural.

Don't let wrinkles or thinning skin make you feel older. Reveal your most confident, radiant self! Schedule a visit to learn about our personalized anti-aging treatments. Our staff will answer your questions in a comfortable setting.

Dermal Fillers


Treat your skin like royalty with a customized facial at Fancy Beauty. Our expert estheticians will give your skin the TLC it deserves.

We offer deep cleansing facials to wash away dirt, oil and makeup. Gentle exfoliation removes dull surface cells to reveal glowing skin. Hydrating masks and serums inject moisture for a plump, healthy look.

Every facial includes relaxing massage techniques too. We select the best products for your skin type and concerns. Enjoy immediate and lasting results from purified, balanced and rejuvenated skin.

Love the skin you’re in! Make self-care a priority and schedule a facial today. Our welcoming staff is happy to answer any questions and advise on the best facial to achieve your skincare goals. Pamper yourself with the royal treatment your skin deserves.

RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling

Get amazing skin transformation with RF Microneedling from Fancy Beauty! This advanced treatment uses tiny needles and radiofrequency to refresh your complexion.

The microneedles create tiny channels under the skin’s surface. Then the radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen and tightens for a youthful effect. Your skin will look plumper, firmer and more even-toned.

RF Microneedling improves textures and fades scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores and more. The treatment is quick, safe for all skin types, and you’ll love the natural-looking results!

Treat yourself to brighter, smoother skin with this cutting-edge procedure. Schedule a consultation today to learn if RF Microneedling is right for your beauty goals. Our staff is happy to answer your questions in a relaxed visit. It’s time to reveal the best skin of your life!

RF Microneedling


Heal and renew your skin with PRP therapy from Fancy Beauty. This uses your own platelets to stimulate collagen and cell repair.

First, we draw a small blood sample and extract the platelet cells. Then we apply this PRP serum to treated areas through microneedling or injections. The platelets release growth factors to rejuvenate skin and hair follicles.

PRP smooths wrinkles, shrinks pores, fades scars and induces hair regrowth. The quick, drug-free treatment taps into your body’s own healing ability for natural-looking improvements.

If you want tighter, brighter, more youthful skin, PRP delivers real results without surgery or downtime. Schedule a one-on-one visit to learn more. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to address your concerns and customize an effective plan.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Feeling tired and run down all the time? IV therapy could help! It puts nutrients into the bloodstream through a quick, painless infusion. This allows better absorption, so ingredients reach cells faster.

IV solutions skip digestion, so vitamins, minerals, and more enter your body in a pure form. This means you get benefits other supplements can’t deliver. Patients report feeling energized and mentally sharper after treatments.

Research shows that IV therapy can boost immunity. It can also speed up surgery recovery. Additionally, it can enhance athletic ability and reduce migraines and brain fog. Moreover, it can improve health. We personalize formulas to target specific needs. If you want to feel healthier and more vital, ask us about IV infusion services. Treatments are fast-acting with lasting benefits. It’s time to elevate your well-being!

IV Therapy

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